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209 Guarantee

Our collection of 209 Swim Shorts have been developed over several years, and we have gone through dozens of prototypes to find the best materials and trims available. We manufacture our collection of 209 Swim Shorts in Portugal and Spain using Italian and Portuguese materials.

We stand firmly behind the quality of our collection of 209 Swim Shorts, and we therefore offer them with our 209 Guarantee. The 209 Guarantee is a 209 week guarantee, which is equivalent to 4 years and 1 week. All swim shorts from our 209 Swim Short collection are therefore guaranteed in their quality for 209 weeks from the date of purchase when they are registered with us here within 45 days of purchase.

If you have bought a pair of swim shorts from us and they have not met your expectations in quality, 209 Mare will repair or replace them. In order to be eligible for the 209 Guarantee, please register your purchase on this page by also including the proof of purchase.

The following quality issues are covered under the 209 Guarantee:

  • Extreme color loss
  • Damage to any of the metal trims, including the zipper and side fasteners
  • Stitching coming undone
  • Material splitting


Recommended Care

In order to keep your 209 Swim Shorts in the best condition we recommend you follow all care guidelines that can be found stitched inside the swim shorts, as well as on the product page on our online shop. In particular, we recommend that you always rinse them after each use, and wash them at 30 degrees Celsius and hang dry them instead of tumble drying. We also recommend always making sure they have been dried before storing them.


How to Easily Claim Your 209 Guarantee

If you would like to make a claim using the 209 Guarantee, please contact our 209 Mare Concierge service and they will be happy to take care of you. Please make sure that you have registered your purchase with us within 45 days of purchasing the pair of 209 Swim Shorts, and that you have included the proof of purchase.

In order to make a claim please supply the 209 Mare Concierge with the following:

  • Proof of purchase
  • A description of the issue
  • Clear images of the issue/fault on the 209 Swim Shorts
  • Clear images of the complete 209 Swim Shorts

If the 209 Swim Shorts have been purchase from 209 Mare directly, we will provide you with a returns shipping label. If they have been purchase through a non-209 Mare retailer, whether online or in-store, the cost of shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

209 Swim Shorts need to have been registered on this page with 209 Mare within 45 days of purchase, regardless of where they have been purchased, in order to be registered and eligible for the 209 Guarantee.

If a claim has been made and accepted by 209 Mare, and the claim has been made within four (4) months of the date of purchase, 209 Mare will issue a refund or a credit to the customer for the amount paid for the 209 Swim Shorts. If a claim has been made and accepted for a pair of 209 Swim Shorts that were purchased more than four (4) months since the date of the claim, then the 209 Swim Shorts can only be exchanged for another pair of the same style, color, and size. If the style or color of the 209 Swim Shorts for which a claim was made is no longer available, then 209 Mare will offer you an alternative style and/or color of equivalent value to the original purchase.

Claims under the 209 Guarantee are separate from and are in addition to your legal rights. Acceptance and approval of all claims are at the discretion of the 209 Mare management. If you have any other issues with any of your 209 Mare products, please contact our 209 Mare Concierge for assistance.

For additional information, please read our FAQ’s.