An iconic architect and an emblematic pop art painter inspired our 2023 collection

The new collection was inspired by the colors and lifestyle of David Hockney’s art in the 1960’s and by the structural idealism of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture. 

Men's Collection

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    Men's Anjuna Ashrose
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    Men's Anjuna Ketchup
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    Men's Anjuna Stonewash

The unusual combination of Hockneys Pop Art color palette, exemplified in many of his signature Palm Springs swimming pool paintings inspired our new colorways - based on earthy and retro pastel hues.

Mixing the era of pop art along with the art deco era seemed like an incredible contrast of different major artistic eras. Both the 1920’s and the 1960’s were significant eras of artistic change and eras marked by arguably some of the greatest creatives to date. 

Our new monogram with the circles and reordered “209” digits was specifically derived from the Guggenheim museum building which is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most emblematic architectural achievements.

We wanted to use these organic shapes along with the structure of the font of our logo to create this sense of compression which FLR was so famous for.

The same pattern can be seen in a single frame on our brass buttons which we had custom made.This aesthetic can be seen also across our labels and branding of the collection.

2023 marks the year with our biggest women's collection to date

Women's Collection

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    Women's Anjuna Offwhite
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    Women's Anjuna Ashrose
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    Women's Anjuna Stonewash

Hopefully our new creations will make you feel special as well as make you realize that imagination has no limits. Now just go imagine you are at a FLR villa in Palm Springs, laying by the pool in one of our newly released garments whilst  you have David Hockney paint a portrait of you.