The New Standard in Luxury Beachwear.

Designed in Monaco.


209 Mare represents a new concept in luxury beachwear. Our philosophy is to redefine what men’s and women's luxury beachwear can be by elevating the level of elegance and luxury of every item we design.

We create unique products that interpret beachwear from a fresh, contemporary perspective without skimping on functionality. Every item in our collection has been made with purpose and designed with practicality, luxury and uniqueness in mind. This is why we spend months developing dozens of prototypes of each of our products to make a fashion statement without compromise.

With the introduction of our iconic 209 Beach Blazer we set a new standard in luxury and elegance in a fashion segment that we believe to have become stagnant due to a lack of innovation. We are defying decades-old conventions and for the first time brought men a truly elegant alternative to just wearing a t-shirt at the beach.

With our 209 Towel Tuxedo we evolved the concept of the 209 Beach Blazer to become a fashion statement that is versatile and adaptable. While maintaining the elegance of the 209 Beach Blazer with the velvet shawl lapel yet making it out of our cashmere-soft bamboo towel material, the 209 Towel Tuxedo can be a more casual option that is still a statement piece. In addition, with the 209 Towel Tuxedo we launched our first women’s collection, bringing the 209 Mare concept to women’s beachwear.

At 209 Mare we seek to challenge and redefine the rules in luxury beachwear and think outside of the box. 209 Mare stands for those that create their own destiny, and for those that are willing to lead, not follow, and dare to be bold.

We are Breaking The Rules In Style.