Building a brand tied entirely around a single fabric

Our concept from the beginning has always been to produce clothing made from this exquisite fabric we found in Italy - a bamboo based terry cloth, that feels like cashmere. We wanted to explore how this incredibly versatile fabric would fare when building an entire wardrobe out of it.

What we found out with our initial “Beach Blazer” concept, was that there was a demand for an upscale summer product that had the functionality of a towel and the ease of wear of a blazer. Essentially a bathrobe turned into a sports coat but obviously with much more exquisite fabrics and trims.

After five years, we have now grown to a brand that doesn’t just keep your beach club visits and sailing adventures in mind, we have used the Terry Towel to make everything from toweling polo shirts, to toweling Ghurka shorts, to sweaters and jogger pants. Beachwear is our foundation, toweling is our method, quality our obsession and design is our passion.

Please have a look at our latest campaign for our toweling polos and toweling jackets it’s a campaign with a socio-political inspiration. We have been caged like animals in a zoo for the past year and half, so we took all of our new Beach Blazers and toweling streetwear garments and shot a campaign at an incredible location (Kylian Mbappe’s Monaco house in case there are any football fans amongst you), to showcase the new collection in a familiar light.

If you would like to see the campaign videos, check our latest Instagram posts Video of Founders Monologue; Video of Zoo Campaign

Cheers (with a glass of mezcal),
Federico Uribe

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