The Perfect Summer Garment - The Terry Towel Beach Blazer

The 209 Mare terry towel Beach Blazer, as it was coined back in 2016 may be the most versatile garment you can find today. It’s a towel, it’s a blazer, it's cashmere-soft and it's waiting to hang out with the rest of your summer wardrobe.

Why is this toweling blazer such a key piece?

Well that’s quite simple, here is a scenario: You are hanging out on Pampelonne Beach in Saint Tropez, lo and behold you get a little tip-say at Shellona and made some cool new friends. These lovely humans have now invited you back to their sailing yacht for a drink. You get all flirty with someone and end up getting pushed overboard as part of a practical joke.

What now? Your inebriated self is going to climb back on board to refill your Aperol Spritz while soaking the cheese platter, looking like a drenched otter? Non Non Non like any decent person, you would have your terry toweling blazer on board you use it as you would use your towel at home (rub yourself dry), out of these wet clothes and into a dry Martini, cloaked in cashmere cool terry cotton and picking up a piece of San Daniele prosciutto in passing.

You just became your flirts summer crush and clearly you are crushing that afternoon as you new friends will think you are the most interesting person on Pampelonne Beach. Next - enjoy your sunset, get back to the hotel, throw on a linen t-shirt under that toweling jacket (looks best in contrast), with some vintage jeans and a pair of French espadrilles. Off you go to a supper club with your fresh new date.

Now do you see why you need a godly tailored 209 Mare Italian Terry Towel Beach Blazer? 

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