Terry Versatility

One might think of Terry Towel wear as synonymous with the French Riviera. The kind of sustainable fashion you come across in those exclusive beach clubs from Monaco to Saint Tropez at the height of the summer season. However Terry towel seems to have had a bit of a resurgence as of late appearing everywhere from fast fashion outlets to high end boutiques at all times of the year. We at 209 Mare pride ourselves in being one of the first to commercialize the Beach Blazer that you know today, lovingly made with that cashmere soft terry and exquisite tailoring for the style conscious individual.

Best of all as pioneers of terry towel functionable fashion, our products range from beachwear to leisurewear so you can be drying yourself off with our iconic Le 55 Beach blazer, to golfing in ourversatile Muse Polo, visiting local markets for fresh produce with our Vengeur line of tapered terry pants or even carving down the slopes in one of our Solenzara Beach Blazers. So go on, don't be shy and experiment and make the world your very own terry oyster.

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